Women at Corning

Corning’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources Christy Pambianchi discusses the rich contributions made by women to Corning’s 165-year history.

“Throughout Corning’s history, women have made innumerable contributions to the company’s success. More than a century ago, women worked in Corning’s manufacturing locations and in the research center. In the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, our female scientists were earning patents, and women were assuming management responsibilities. Corning was a groundbreaking company in this area. It’s a great source of pride to know that today, in 2016, I am a part of this history, as are all the women who work at Corning.

The company has expanded rapidly over the last decade. Today, Corning has a global footprint of 35,000 employees, and women are dispersed throughout all our regions. This provides Corning with a tremendous opportunity to help ensure that our pipeline of talent continues for generations to come.  In fact, this is the impetus for the UP2 initiative, which intends to develop the next generation of women at Corning at every level of the company. UP2 empowers women to choose their own career paths and in turn, help Corning succeed in its mission for another 165 years and continue its legacy of making life-changing innovations.”

Source: https://www.corning.com/in/en/sustainability/articles/people/diversity/women-at-corning.html

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