What is Construction?

Construction is the act or process of building something (such as a house or road). When you think of construction jobs, craftsmen are most likely to come to mind. These are the people such as painters and carpenters who do the actual work of constructing a building. However, there are other types of construction jobs. Laborers assist the craftsmen by loading and unloading tools, materials and supplies, helping prepare construction sites and helping clean up afterward. There are also construction careers in the management field, the planners, and supervisors who coordinate and oversee the budget from start to finish in any construction project.

Construction companies like Wayne Brothers and Vulcan Materials are located right here in Cabarrus County. Click here to see all the major companies in Cabarrus County.

Skills/Traits for a Career in Construction: site

  • Detail-oriented
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Problem-Solving
  • Numeracy

Construction Education:

For craftsmen and laborers, construction careers don’t carry any specific education requirements, although a high school diploma and proficiency in math, English, and shop are useful. Some craftsmen and laborers learn skills on the job by apprenticing, and others even attend trade schools to learn their trade. For most managing careers in construction, though, you’ll need some experience as well as at least a bachelor’s degree in building science, construction engineering or construction science.

High School: High School: If you are a high school student and are interested in learning more about a career in construction, please contact your career counselors or visit your school system’s website. (Cabarrus County Schools, Kannapolis City Schools).

carpentryTwo-Year College: Rowan-Cabarrus Community College offers a construction management technology program. The construction management technology curriculum is designed to prepare students to apply technical knowledge and skills in the construction management field. It prepares students to supervise, manage, and inspect construction sites, buildings, and associated facilities. RCCC also offers classes in electrical/electronics technology.

Four-Year College: UNC Charlotte offers a construction management program.The Bachelor of Science in Construction Management (B.S.C.M.) program is designed to provide the construction education necessary for entry into the construction industry (residential, commercial, industrial sectors, infrastructure, and heavy horizontal construction) and related careers such as real estate and land development, infrastructure development, code enforcement, and insurance, among others.

Construction Job Market:

The outlook for construction jobs, in general, is favorable, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the managerial positions won’t increase as much as the labor and craftsmen. While there were close to 1.3 million laborers and over 300,000 craftsmen in 2012 with an expected increase of 22 to 31 percent by 2022, the 485,000 construction manager jobs are only anticipated to increase by 16 percent to 563,200 in the same 10-year span. The BLS points out, though, that a large number of construction managers will be retiring in the next 10 years so even though the number of jobs won’t increase, the number of job openings will.

Construction Careers in Cabarrus County:

  • HVAC Technician – Average salary of $41,400
  • Electricians – Average salary of $44,300
  • Carpenter – Average salary of $50,500
  • Heavy Equipment Operator – Average salary of $59,000
  • Construction Managers – Average salary of $89,400

Source: https://www.centralinacareerheadlight.com/headlight/career-explore